Damiano Spelta Solo show
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Twenty years and more of an articulated artistic way, an art that first of all has to be an idea and consequently a product, assemblages, design, airbrush paintings on surfaces of all kind, boat shells, helmets, cars and more.

His art is inspired by the ideology of Dadaism and can be considered as pertaining to Pop Art for its unholy irony. It doesn’t want to be a part of a simple classification in readymade trends or canonic values, but rather a recognition of the numerous and multifaceted skills of an artist, who wishes to play with objects and transform the obvious into something unexpected, which is rooted in a reflection on contemporaneousness as the only dimension of thought.

The meaning of life can be interpreted in many ways. The interpretation given by Damiano Spelta is metaphorically ironic and provocative, sarcastic and snappy.
He thrills and fascinates us with his peculiar language, leaving us often amused, but first of all surprisingly contemplative in front of his works that lead us to a social reflection.

Experimenting with materials and techniques, his art and design blend without conformism; he draws his inspiration from his reflection about the contemporary world and its contradictions. Whether it is a painting or a piece of design, often of considerable size, the artist confronts us with our obsessions, our weaknesses, our manias of identifiable status and symbols that project who “we would like to be” rather than who we really are.