Fabian Marcaccio
Fabian Marcaccio (Born 1963 in Rosario, Argentina) is an Argentine-Italian born artist whose trans-genre works have been exhibited worldwide.

Marcaccio was born to a native Argentine mother and Italian father in Rosario de Santa Fe where he attended the University of Philosophy. In 1985, at age 22, he moved to New York City, where he continues to live and work.

Marcaccio uses a variety of techniques, including both digital and by hand and his mutant paintings (paintants) strive to interrogate the position of craft in the digital and expand on early 20th century avant-garde legacy. With his degree in philosophy he carries with it a critical mindset that he applies to an investigation of the limits of painted space. Because of this analytical approach, he has been very effective in shaping the discourse surrounding his work; painterly gestures may flatten into pixelation or digital images applied to the canvas may morph into dripping, pigmented silicone.

Marcaccio’s work investigates whether the traditional medium of painting can survive in the digital age. He has used printmaking transfer techniques to make paintings and became well know in the 1990s for his manipulations of the conventions of painting. More recently, he has relied upon digital and industrial techniques to infuse his painting process with spatial and temporal concerns. The results are environmental paintings, animations, and “Paintants” that combine digitally manipulated imagery, sculptural form, and three dimensionally painted surfaces.

His works, including his 2006 piece ‘Topographical Paintant’ presented at the 2nd Seville Biennial, can reach colossal environmental sizes, across plazas or even through tunnels. Marcaccio has had many solo museum shows throughout the past decade, most notably in Western Europe, but also regular gallery exhibitions in New York and Germany.