Jerome Zodo / Milan
Jerome Zodo Contemporary was opened in January 2010 in Milan. Jerome Zodo, director, is a gallerist with a story that comes from the art of XX Century. The family Zodo has a decades-long history with the J&G Art gallery in the field of modern art with artists of XX Century and of the post Second World War.The first exhibition at Jerome Zodo Contemporary titled (ex)communicate was an international group show that wanted to announce the artists together with the aesthetic and cultural project of the gallery, intention born from the desire to communicate something different and remote, something that can escape preestablished forms of general knowledge, something for which alternative and difficult themes present the visions and the reconsiderations of modern society.

The gallery focuses on contemporary artists both from Italian and international art scene. Wishing to create an instrument capable of constant transformation, a space of interaction and exchange with the world around it, the gallery wants to be a tool of communication, a living, breathing and innovative environment, invested with interpersonal relationships and the exchange of objects and thoughts, expressing the varied language that can be used to organize, promote and communicate contemporary art culture.